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Welcome to KREA association online!

Energy through  wind turbines Energy from sun through solar panels Energy generated by water rotating  turbines Clean energy from Biomass/Biogas  Geothermal energy coming direct from earth

Kosovo Renewable Energy Association or KREA was initially formed from ten companies (members) within Kosovo Chamber of Commerce.  KREA represents the interests of the members who are active in the whole spectrum of renewable energy, including electricity, heat and fuels.

The association represents the interests of members who are:


  • Developer of renewable energy projects
  • Producer of energy from renewable sources
  • Supplier of electricity and fuels from renewable sources
  • Manufacturer of equipments for producing energy from renewable sources, and
  • Providers of professional services in the field of renewable energy


The Association's main objective is to improve the conditions for the activities of members through the creation of the proper legal, regulatory, and fiscal basis and last but not least, policy-making that will promote the growth of energy production and utilization from renewable energy.


In order to accomplish the primary objective, the Association will actively convey the message of the members of the Association to members of parliamentary committees, government representatives, relevant government departments and local authorities, members of the Energy Regulatory Office, agencies, nongovernmental organizations and the general public.